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Welcome to Elberton Tool Company of Elberton, Georgia, manufacturers of quality bridge saws, core drills, granite countertop routers and polishers, and diamond tool parts and supplies.  We are proud to offer quality US made granite, stone and construction industries bridge saws, core drills, granite countertop machinery and diamond parts and supplies. 
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Automatic Granite Countertop Edge router & Polisher

Automatic Granite Countertop Edge Router & Polisher The Edgematic Automatic Granite Countertop Edge polisher and router from Elberton Tool Company, Inc. incorporates all the features needed by high volume granite countertop fabricators to quickly and efficiently route a standard corner edge and polish the edges of granite kitchen countertops or bath vanities.  The Edgematic countertop edge polishing machine automatically routes the corners and polishes the edges of up to 3 countertop pieces or splash guard pieces (up to 12 feet in length) with a single setting. Features 20 H.P. motor, electronic controls, and an optional “airball” roller table. More info here


Granite Bridge Saws

ETC36 Bridge Saw, Elberton Tool Company, Elbetton, GAThe ETC36 Bridge Saw (or slant saw) features an all steel beam bridge design, heavy-duty stands, direct drive, 20 HP motor, electronic controls and 36” diamond tipped blade, with up to 90 degrees miter tilt, with a sawing length of 12 feet. The motor runs along a 12” square tubing main beam with 1/4” X 2” metal wear strips  on the top of the bridge. Roller bearings are mounted in the bottom of the main drive for straight cutting across the entire length of the beam. 6’ x 8' Turntable. 
ETC36 Granite Bridge Saw Specifications here


Core Drill Machines

coredrill2200The ETC12 Automatic Core Drill is a heavy duty electronic core drill machine used primarily for granite core drilling, but can be used for any core drill operation.  The ETC12 core drill automatically drills cores up to 12” in diameter and 48” deep with a single setting. The ETC12 is a rotary core drilling machine intended for stationary facility use where extra  large concrete or granite drilling operations require higher production rates than standard duty or portable core drilling machines can handle.  Features  rugged steel construction, a  20 H.P. motor, and electronic controls. Core drill speeds at a rate of XX inches per minute with a 6” core drill bit. More core drill machine info here

Diamond Core Drills, Bits & Barrels

Diamond Core Drills, Bits & Barrels
Diamond Core Drill Bits and core drill barrels from Elberton Tool, Inc. exceed industry standards in quality and workmanship, and will last much longer than thin imported core drills.  Our heavy duty core drills have thicker walls, more diamond cutting power, and will not warp under heavy usage. Our core drill barrel bits range size from 2” to up to 54” in diameter and up to 48 inches long. More info here


Crane Wheels & Carriage Wheels

Crane Wheels & Carriage Wheels

Crane wheels and carriage wheels, custom built to your specifications are available from Elberton Tool, Inc. Crane wheels and carriage wheels  are available from Elberton Tool Inc, in a wide range of standard sizes. In addition, crane wheels to meet your special design requirements can be produced in virtually any size, configuration and surface finish condition. Wheels can be bushed with brass, nylon or bearings..  More info here



Diamond Saw Blade Jigs & service

Diamond Saw Blade Jigs & Service

Diamond Saw Blade Jigs
and diamond saw blade tipping services for blades up to 12 feet in diameter.  We use top quality industrial diamonds components and our technicians have over 20 years experience in the diamond saw reconditioning.


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