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“Edgematic” Automatic Granite Countertop Edge router & Polisher

Automatic Granite Countertop Edge Router & Polisher  Granite Countertops

countertop machinesThe Edgematic automatic granite countertop edge polisher from Elberton Tool Company, Inc. and Rice Industrial Electric incorporates all the features needed by high volume granite countertop fabricators to quickly and efficiently grind a standard corner edge and polish the edges of granite kitchen countertops or bath vanities.  The Edgematic countertop edge polishing machine has a 12’ x 8’ air roller ball work table used to polish and grind standard edges on large countertop pieces.  The operator can lift the slab off the table using the hydraulic roller ball system and move the largest slabs almost effortlessly. In addition, up to 36’ of splash can be polished automatically. The  Edgematic countertop edge polishing machine automatically grinds the corners and polishes the edges of up to 3 granite countertop splash guard pieces (up to 12 feet in length) with a single setting.  The Edgematic countertop edge router and polisher is easy to operate and maintain, and can be used for granite countertops, quartz countertops or other solid surface countertop materials.   The Edgematic uses standard 4” snail lock pads and, features rugged steel construction, a  2 HP motor, electronic controls, and an “airball” roller table that allows the operator to turn even the heaviest granite slabs with one hand. Users of Edgematic granite countertop grinding and polishing  machine report production increases up to 60%!.

Edgematic Automatic Granite Countertop router & Polisher Specifications

This machine is built by the Elberton Tool Company, Inc and Rice Industrial Electric, and uses standard tooling available all over the world
Power of main motor: (2 HP) Direct Drive Motor (220V 3 phase 4 Amp.)
Engine rotating speed 1750 RPM
12' x 8' Roller Ball Working TABLE
Full size: (L x W x H) 20' x 12' x 8.5'
Wired Remote control
All Steel Construction
Uses Standard Polishing Bits
Max Routing and Polishing length: 144"

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